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One of a Kind Show - National Trade Centre, Toronto

Signatures Show - Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Muskoka Bay Gallery, Gravenhurst


Do you welcome suggestions made by other people? In other words, if I have an idea or a slogan, would you be interested in hearing about it?
I love that people want to share their ideas and in the past I’ve had the fortune of having some of them actually sending me feathers and leaves, etc. If I’ve used any of them, I’ve given the person some of the resulting card in return.

Two or three years ago, I bought a card at the One of a Kind show that I can’t find on your site. Does that mean you no longer carry it?
I release between 50 to 60 new designs a year, usually in January. To make room for them, I “retire” some of the older styles. However, if you send me the id number on the back of the card, I will check to see whether I still have any.

I bought some of your cards at a show and they’re so beautiful that I haven’t been able to give them away. What gives them that three-dimensional look?
The high end digital printing captures every detail of the original image and translates it to the page. Unlike the flatter image created by offset printing, the fused layering of ink on the page helps to create the illusion of reality.

Can I get a larger version of any of your cards?
Yes, I can print up to a 12 x 18 size.

Do you licence your images for broad use?
Depending on the circumstances and the images involved, yes.


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