A few years ago when I needed to create an identity for myself, the one phrase that kept me from giving my company a name that would commit it to a single product was “…but what if I want to branch out?” Hence the name, and hence the introduction of new things that interest me and that will be introduced from time to time on this page.

Mini Maples 

I confess that I am a compulsive collector of leaves, especially during Canada's glorious autumn season.  They are simply awe-inspiring!  Each leaf is unique, yet combined they create a fiery monument of strength and power that is unbeatable, just like Canada, just like Canadians.

Packaged in a hard, flat jewel case, these delightful little magnets are easy to ship and make an ideal small gift for adults and children alike.

Seasonal Mini Magnets

In the spirit of the season, these magnets are little wishes for happy celebrations of music, food, love and laughter shared with family and friends.  These are universal joys of the heart that belong to all cultures.  For best results, use every season!

Card Packs (not available wholesale)

Choose 5 different or 5 of the same card to create an elegant gift pack. Presented in a gold ribboned, crystal-clear box, they make the perfect expression of thoughtfulness for the hostess, co-worker, neighbour, dog-walker, babysitter, and maybe even the letter carrier! They are the gift that gives back, reminding people that they are being thought about and appreciated. They can cause smiling and help to fill a heart.


Have you ever put your glasses down when you're not using them and can't quickly find them again? Search no more, for we have the Beholder!

Beholders are eye glass holders with distinction and panache, they have stylish beads extending from where the Beholder attaches to the glasses to approximately 4” along a satin string. There are no beads in the back to get caught in hair, and the strong, durable, satin string feels weightless around the neck. We have a variety of styles and they are suitable for men, women and children!






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