How delightful to receive something other than bills in the mail!

Branch out! greeting cards and products make simple, elegant statements based on the exquisite beauty in nature. Each image shows off in intricate detail the vast depth of colour and nuance found in everyday examples of the beauty of nature -- such as leaves, flowers, feathers, bark and even things like onions!

Branch out! designs begin as pressed and mounted plantlife. They are then digitally reproduced to create images that look so authentic they are often mistaken for being the real thing. The difference is that that they will not crack or fade and can be enjoyed for a much greater length of time.

Card gift packs, bookmarks, magnets, prints and Beholders make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for the hostess, co-worker, neighbour, dog-walker, babysitter, etc., and are all lightweight enough to send overseas! A gift pack of maple leaves can be a warm reminder of Canadian family and friends.




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